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Underground Challenge 2012





On 13th November 2012, Mick Atkin and Tim Lawson took a days holiday and undertook a fundraising challenge of a different nature.


The challenge was a simple one: spell out 'Scarborough Dial A Ride' using the initial letters of London Underground station names.  And complete it in under 12 hours!


With  First Transpennine Express donating rail tickets from Scarborough to York and Grand Central Rail donating first class tickets from York to Kings Cross, London, the challenge started at 10:45.




The itinerary and times below show how the day panned out...






We completed the whole route, in the correct order and without repetition, at 20:05 giving a total time of 9 hours and 20 minutes.


20 stations taking 38 different tube trains and travelling around 100 miles and from one side of the capital to the other side.




...and we raised £1135.00


To sponsor or donate use PayPal (using PayPal@scarboroughdialaride.org) or see  Donations


Thanks again to First Transpennine Express  and  Grand Central Rail for their generosity.  Special thanks to Julie, The Scarborough News and, of course, Mick and Tim.


...and thanks to everyone who donated money and also their unwavering support!


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