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Train Challenge



Mick Atkin is a Dial A Ride driver with a keen interest in trains.


With the kind support and donation of a free rail ticket from First TransPennine Express he took a week's holiday and travelled the network spelling out 'SCARBOROUGH DIAL A RIDE' with the stations he called at.


The Challenge started on Monday 26th October 2009 with the first train out of Scarborough.


He got a photograph taken at each station he called at with the stations' name plate in the background. As he was on his own and he needed the help of members of the public. A couple of stops were for a few minutes only and he needed to be quick!





So with nineteen stations to spell out our name, Mick had his days full.  He estimated the total mileage covered was around 3,897 (6,271km) - that's 1½ times around the coast of the whole of the British Isles!


Special thanks again to First TransPennine Express for their support!


During the week of the event we uploaded photos of the signs and by the end we had completed SCARBOROUGH DIAL A RIDE.


Below are the stops Mick made in the order required to spell out our name.




DAY 1, Monday 26th October 2009             (S, C, A, R, B)


DAY 2, Tuesday 27th October 2009            (O, R)


DAY 3, Wednesday 28th October 2009       (O, U)


DAY 4, Thursday 29th October 2009           (G)


DAY 5, Friday 30th October 2009                (H, D, I, A, L)


DAY 6, Saturday 31 October 2009               (A, R, I, D,)


DAY 7, Sunday 1 November 2009               (E)




Click on the first image to view Mick's progress...








<>16 - 18


...and Mick raised an amazing £1273






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