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Room Hire...the small print



ROOM HIRE Terms & Conditions




Please contact Dial A Ride (DAR) on 01723 354434 to check room availability before completing the booking form.  All bookings are accepted as provisional until the booking form is received via an email to   admin@scarboroughdialaride.com or posted to:  Dial A Ride, Unit 4, 64-66 Londesborough Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 5AF.


All bookings will be acknowledged and confirmed by e-mail unless a postal reply is requested.  The room will be set-up in accordance with the agreed room layout on the booking form.  Please allow time for setting up and clearing away when booking the room.


All start and finish times must be strictly adhered to.   If this is not observed, you may be asked to vacate the room or pay an additional fee.


These terms and conditions will apply to any future lettings until, and if, varied when notification in writing will be given.




If you no longer require the room booking, please inform DAR as soon as possible.


For cancellations made 7 days or less prior to the function date, 100% of the room hire fee will be charged.


For cancellations 8 to 14 days prior to the function date, 50% of the room hire fee will be charged.


DAR reserves the right to cancel:


(a)  any contractual booking due to reasons beyond our control.  In these circumstances a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.


(b)  any provisional booking in the event of non-confirmation in writing within 7 days of the provisional booking being made.




An invoice will be issued to you and payment should be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.  Cheques should be made payable to Dial A Ride (Scarborough & District) and addressed to Dial A Ride, Unit 4, 64-66 Londesborough Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 5AF.




Tea, coffee and biscuits can be provided for self service, please enter participant numbers on the booking form (price as per booking form).


Should you wish to order food for your events, you will be expected to make your own arrangements for ordering and delivery.  If required we can suggest some local suppliers.  Alternatively, there are several sandwich shops and small cafes located on Falsgrave Road which are readily accessible during breaks to purchase lunch.


The use of the kitchen adjoining the meeting room is included, as is crockery, cutlery and washing up facilities, although other users of the building may need to use the kitchen at the same time.  If you need to dispose of food or a large amount of rubbish, please use the green or blue bins located at the back of the building outside the DAR staff tearoom.  Please ensure all food is bagged and recycled items placed in the blue bin.


Domestic Arrangements and Additional Charges


All users of the meeting room area will be asked to leave the room in the same condition they found it in.  In the event of excessive cleaning or deliberate/unreasonable damage, additional charges will be made to cover the cost of cleaning or replacing the goods or property.  Please ensure all crockery and cutlery used is washed, dried and put away.


Interactive Whiteboard


The use of the projector and interactive whiteboard can be requested on the booking form.  It may be necessary to download and install a small program to access the full features of the board.  The connection for the Whiteboard is VGA so please bring any adaptor needed to connect to the projection system.






It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they have the necessary insurance in respect of any matters for which they may be liable in respect of the event for which they are hiring the room.  DAR insurance only covers events held by DAR.


DAR is not able to accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to property owned by or in possession of the client whilst that property is at DAR premises.  Nor are we responsible for any liability arising out of the use of said property.  The hirer is advised to arrange appropriate insurance cover at all times.




DAR does not hold a premises licence for the consumption of intoxicating liquor or the performance of copyright music and, therefore, it is the responsibility of the hirer to hold their own licences.  If not complied with, hirers will be invoiced for the cost of any penalty levied against DAR.


Personal Possessions


Dial A Ride is unable to accept responsibility for any personal possessions brought into or left on the premises.




The walls are unsuitable for sticking items on and, therefore, the use of sellotape, blu-tack or drawing pins is strictly forbidden.  Any such activity must be confined to the gloss painted doors in the room and then only blu-tack (NOT PINS OR SELLOTAPE) can be used – any damage caused will be invoiced.




Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited anywhere within the building


Any process generating flames, smoke or dust or flammable substances are also prohibited.


Damage and nuisance


The hirer must not cause any damage to the fabric or contents of the premises or cause nuisance or annoyance to other users of the building or other occupants of the site.


Health and Safety


The main contact for your room booking will be issued with key health and safety information such as our fire evacuation procedures, domestic arrangements, toilets, signing in procedures etc.  The main contact will be responsible for communicating this information to attendees.


No exits shall be blocked at any time.


No additional electrical equipment shall be used unless with the prior consent of DAR and such equipment must be PAT tested with appropriate labelling.


Vehicle parking


Vehicle parking within the site is limited and not a right within the booking agreement




The Hirer agrees to indemnify DAR against any loss or claims arising from any breach of the terms of this contract.


Right of Refusal


We retain the right to refuse any booking deemed by us to be unsuitable.




Any complaint arising out of the hiring must be made in writing to the Dial A Ride Manager within 7 days of the event.


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