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Longer Journeys


For those longer journeys, outside our normal operating area, we have a fully accessible multi-purpose vehicle.


You may have a medical appointment at one of the hospitals in Leeds, York, Hull, Middlesbrough, Whitby or even further away.  Or you may wish to visit friends, go to a large shopping centre or a holiday destination; whatever the reason, provided you qualify for the the service, we'll be able to help.



With the help of North Yorkshire County Council, we bought the Citroen Belingo, previously owned, with the view to extending our range of service.  Up until April 2010, community transport groups, such as Scarborough Dial A Ride, were limited to using minibuses to provide their services.  (Note: a minibus is deemed as a passenger carrying vehicle with 9 to 16 passenger seats).  We are now able to utilise smaller seating capacity vehicles.  This particular car has 3 passenger seats and space for a wheelchair user.  As mentioned above, this vehicle is ideal for those longer journeys previously considered to outside our operating area.



Pricing for journeys using the car is slightly different to our usual pricing structure.  Please contact us for more information.

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