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Frequently Asked Questions



The Scarborough Dial A Ride service.  Some frequently asked questions


Q:  Can I use Dial A Ride ?


Q:  Where can I go ?


Q:  How do I book a trip ?


Q:  When can I travel ?


Q:  How much does it cost ?


Q:  Do I have to register ?


Q:  What if I have to cancel a trip?


Q:  I have mobility issues. Can Dial A Ride help?




Can I use Dial A Ride... ?


If you are over 60 years of age or have difficulty using other forms of  transport then Dial A Ride is for you.


If you are not sure if you are eligible, please email or call the office and we will be happy to help you.




Where can I go...?


If you are eligible for Dial A Ride, then it can be used for anything to do with day-to-day living within our 10 mile service area.  For example shopping, visiting friends or relatives, going to church; day centres; pubs and restaurants; leisure pursuits as well as keeping any sort of health related appointments.  You may need Dial A Ride to get to your place of work or to attend college.


Children with special needs can be taken to school or play-schemes.  Passenger assistants are always provided to travel with children and all have undergone an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check - formerly CRB check.


If you used hospital transport and have recently been refused we may be able to help.  Many appointments are now at Bridlington District Hospital, York District Hospital as well as the Hull hospitals, especially Castle Hill.  We do charge for these journeys and we need a bit more time to plan them so contact our office to see how we can help.  Click here for a bit more information or contact the office



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How do I book a trip... ?



Telephone the office on 01723 354434.  The first time you call, we will take all necessary details.  There is an annual membership fee of £3.00 to use Dial A Ride.  Then, you need to tell us when and where you want to go.


Because Dial A Ride is extremely busy, you are advised to give as much notice as possible.


We may be able to organise 'regular' or 'block' bookings.  If you want to go at the same times on the same days then it may be possible book this as an ongoing request.  However, you must be sure that you are able to keep this commitment.  If you cancel at short notice on several occasions, we may have to stop the regular booking.  If you know you are going away, then you must cancel the dates you do not need well in advance.  This way other people can use our service and your regular booking will still be in place when you return.


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When can I travel?


Dial A Ride services are available:


Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm


Last return journey times are usually 4:30 but this can depend on the pick up point and your destination.


You can certainly enquire about travelling outside the above hours.  Please get in touch with the office.


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How much does it cost?


We try and keep our fares as low as possible.  We will always be less expensive than taxis and usually more than the bus fare.


Have a look at the Area & Fares page for the fare in your area.  Click here


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Do I have to register?



Yes.  Registration is easy and needs to be over the phone.  We only need the briefest of details: name, address, daytime phone number and if there are any mobility issues.


All information we hold is secure and is never revealed to anyone else.


There is an annual membership of £3.00 a year which is collected on your first trip and then annually on that trip's anniversary.



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What if I cancel a trip?



If you need to cancel any trip, please do so with as much notice as possible.  Try to avoid cancelling on the day, or even the day before. We have to turn down many requests each day from people who need Dial A Ride.  If we arrive at your house and you have not cancelled your journey, then we may have to make a charge to cover our costs.

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I have mobility problems.  How can you help?


We have many years experience taking people with different degrees of mobility.


Our drivers and passenger assistants will be available to help as much as possible.  Take your walking stick, walking frame, rolator or other aid on the bus with you.


If you use a wheelchair we will ask if your wheelchair reaches a certain standard that will let you sit in your wheelchair whilst travelling in one of our vehicles.


Dial A Ride may be able take your pavement scooter and you will need to contact us by phone before we can allow this.


There are limits as to what we can do to help and, if deemed necessary, we may need to undertake a risk assessment.  This is just to make sure we are all safe and sound during your time with us.



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Please call or get in touch if the above doesn't answer your question.  Thank you




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